Les Cottages de Valjoly, Valjoli, France

The life is full of contradictions. Both; boredom and change are an integral part of the human life. Boredom is beyond your control, but you are always in command of the change. Those wanting to give a chance to their life would always aspire for a unique experience in life. One such unique experience is designed by Madame Vacances.cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (1) cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (2)

This autumn, explore the new facets of your persona and submerge in endless fun, excitement and relaxation at Les Cottages de Valjoly, Valjoli in France. Get to the edge of the most fascinating and infused with incomparable natural scenery, the Ardennes region of the Northern France.cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (3) cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (4)

Highly sophisticated and artistically designed cottage awaits your arrival in the heart of the Avesnois National Park. Situated on the banks of the largest lake in northern France, Les Cottages de Valjoly offers you an incredible opportunity to indulge in a wide range of activities in the Valjoly holiday resort, and an opportunity to relax in your own style and at your own discretion.cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (5) cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (6)

Ideal for the group of 8, the Les Cottages de Valjoly 3 bedrooms; with two of them having mesmerizing views of the lake and the surroundings. Each of the bedrooms has one double bed, a separate bath area with a shower and WC. The broad and spacious living room has two pull-out beds, sofa bed, dining table and chairs.cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (7) cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (8)

Equipped with technologically advanced appliances, the separate kitchen will motivate you to cook delectable dishes with the help of the hot plates, microwave, and refrigerator. For complete cleaning, kitchen has dishwasher and extractor hood.cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (9) cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (10)

Does not matter if you are a family or a bunch of friends, Valjoly holiday resort arranges a wide range of special events for the entertainment of the savvy holidaymakers. Besides, on-house programs, your gorgeous stay at Les Cottages de Valjoly bring you relaxing experience in swimming pool, spa pool, Turkish bath, and sauna.cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (11) cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (12)

If you are a fun fanatic, you will be indulging in mountain biking, boating in paddle-boats or electric boats. Those; who love to get themselves engrossed in adventures can go for horse riding, jungle safari or for rafting. At Valjoly holiday resort, you can also enjoy the golf, archery as well as trampoline.cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (13) cottages_valjoly_exterieure_vue_lac (14)

All in all, Madame Vacances brings you a complete fun package at a very affordable price with the mammoth discount of 40%. Let us confirm, not booking your holiday at Les Cottages de Valjoly will turn into a big disappointment as price stands today at only £69. Book fabulous stay now and save a great amount of money.

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