2 Perfect Tropical Islands for an Exotic Holiday Retreat

The ‘Tropical Island’ is a word that would make any passionate traveller up on his feet in excitement after hearing the word even once. If you want to sum up the best things which Tropical Islands will offer you, it will include silky white sand beaches with mild warm waters, lavish beach resorts, exquisite scenic landscape, lush green vegetation, bright shining sun and what else more you expect from one place?

There are a lot of reasons to go for such a refreshing holiday retreat and apparently, there is no reason to not go for it except the expenditure required is unavailable. And even then you can manage to get a holiday arranged by levering the Best Deals for Holiday Package using the Expedia Promo Code and getting the package booked online with exclusive discounts. So, if you truly have an interest, you just won’t find a reason to not go for it after checking out these 2 perfect tropical islands for your next holidays.


best-tropical-vacations-maldivesThere is no chance that you would not have heard about the Maldives even if you have the basic knowledge about the Tropical Islands. After all, it is one of the most visited Island destinations in the world. The Maldives is known for its sheer heavenly beauty which is why every list of most stunning beaches and islands of the world would be incomplete without including the Maldives in it. The island is located in the Indian Ocean at some distance from India’s south-west coastline.

The island is one of the most unusual places in the world as more than 90% region of the country is comprised of water. The island has also been seen for its almost negligible height above the sea level which is why it is considered to be in threat if the sea level rises even by a few inches. But as a traveller, you can blindly go to the Maldives for an ideal holiday retreat.

Bora Bora Islands, French Polynesia

Bora-bora-TahitiFrench Polynesia is a compilation of many small archipelagos in the South Pacific Ocean and it is literally a paradise and even if you don’t believe in the notion of paradise, you would start believing once you go on a trip to the Bora Bora Islands. These islands are known for their villas which are built right on the sea surface with the help of bamboo shoots for support. You can even find a number of resort boutiques of this kind if you wish to experience the fun of living right on the top of the sea surface.

The place is as good or even better than your image of ideal holiday destinations, Do I need to say more about the place? The place is one of the best ones for newlywed couples looking for an exotic island escape. It is also a very nice place for the families as you can find a number of enjoyable places where kids would really enjoy their time playing. The Bora Bora Island is also known for its surfing and the adjoining ocean in the region has been named the best place for surfing on the Earth after a collective survey held across the globe.

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