4 Must Visit Attractions of Cambodia for a Wholesome Experience

There are some destinations of every country which are the compulsory attractions from the tourism point of view because such sites are specific to the identity of the place. Thereby, it is often considered an incomplete and unsatisfactory trip if a traveller misses out those sites of attractions which form the basic aesthetics of the region’s tourism industry. Any travel enthusiast must be careful and informed about the of major points of attraction that a place offers to a tourist.

Cambodia is one such destination that people are often oblivious about when planning their trip to South East Asia as it comes with a string of those heavyweight tourism countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam etc. But there are a lot of things about Cambodia which one must figure out and only then book the tickets with the Klook Promo Codes to get the cheapest prices on the tours. So if you are visiting South-East Asia and want to include the variety, make sure to include these 4 must-visit destinations of Cambodia in your travel plan.

The Ancient Gem of Angkor Vat


The Angkor is apparently the most renowned tourism site of Cambodia which is known to be an ancient city which covered an area of 400 sq km. This makes it the largest city in the world before the Industrial Revolution in terms of area coverage. The place is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the most crucial factors that have attracted tourists from the world over. This city was built in the ancient times by the Khmer Empire and its ruins even after 10 centuries time have been unaffected by and large which is no lesser achievement to be honest.

Floating village at Tonlé Sap Lake


This is the biggest freshwater lake across entire South-East Asia and offers a great experience to the visitors with its unique aspects specific to this lake. The lake gets at its best after the monsoon rainfalls as it gains a massive volume of water and reaches it best possible sight which makes for an amazing view for any traveller. The lake blossoms with natural diversity with the water overflow flooding the adjoining forests and wetlands which is a perfect habitat for wildlife to proliferate.

Phnom Penn Royal Palace

Phnom Phen Royal Palace

The Phnom Penn Royal Palace is a cultural hall which was built in the year 1866 and it compiles a number of buildings which are interesting to explore. The palace was built in a traditional Khmer Style with a Throne hall. The palace is now used in the traditional celebrations and ceremonies by society.

Bioluminescent Plankton in Koh Rong


The bioluminescent plankton is a rare variety of algae that is able to glow in the dark waters making it an awesome magical experience altogether for anyone’s liking. These planktons are found on certain beaches of Koh Rong and sparkle with a blue coloured tinge to make for awe inspiring sights on the moonless nights. It is a completely natural sight and gives us the immense mysteries that nature possesses.

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