4 Out of the World Experience that Only South Africa Offers

There is no shortage of wonders that nature has seamlessly created throughout our planet but only a rare of those wonders are such that have no viable alternative sites but they themselves. South Africa is apparently one of those naturally blessed destinations that have a plethora of absolutely jaw-dropping ecstatic experience on offer and a few of them are unique to its territory. For those experiences, the only way is to book a trip to South Africa and reach the place yourself. If you are unable to make your mind, these Expedia Voucher Codes would motivate you a bit by giving some exciting deals and offers on your travel bookings.

Unforgettable Wildlife Safaris

Satara - National Park

If there is one place that a wildlife lover would be most excited to explore, it is certainly South Africa. The South African forests are known for having some of the most cult animal species. The five animals which are the most popular ones are Lion, Wildbeast, Leopard, Elephant and Rhinoceros which are together called ‘The Big Five’ as the Safari offers to give a surreal view of all these 5 giant terrestrial mammals within a single wildlife safari if that is not exciting enough, you got to be kidding. After all, such a surreal wildlife escapade is available nowhere else in the world.

Get ‘High’ on Bungy Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Do you the highest commercial bridge in the world? It is this one in Bloukrans South Africa which is apparently a popular hotspot for bungee jumping in a stunning natural landscape? This bridge has a height of 216 metres and that is sufficient to pump your body with an extempore adrenaline rush. The spot for jumping is situated right beneath the bridge which is tricky and even daunting task for some. But there is no doubt about one thing which is the magnificent sights that the place has to offers nevertheless make the visit alone a fabulous experience.

Table Mountains

South Africa Table Mountains

The table mountain is a truly phenomenal place that every hiker or climber should visit at least once in his life. It is so good that it is not even an argument that why a person won’t revisit it again after witnessing this marvellous destination. There are a lot of fun activities and adventures that this place offers that include, over 900 hiking trails, a cable car ride and unbelievable views of the horizon at sunset.

Swimming with Penguins


If you believe that Penguins are found only near the south pole region, then you should update your knowledge by visiting the Boulders Beach in the cape town. The shores over there are full of African Penguins that make it a very unbelievable experience to have. The best aspect of penguins is that these cute birds are often soaking the sunlight on the warm sand of those beaches and are even curious to approach people and pose for a few amazing camera shots.

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