3 Exotic Island Destinations in Singapore That Deserve to be Seen

South East Asia is one of the most famous tourism hubs on the planet that attract the highest number of tourists each year within the region. The place is galore of the truly exceptional beauty of tropical islands and many other extraordinary characteristic features which lure people towards the place. There are many nations which one could choose from within the region.

But if you actually want to experience the cream of it, Singapore should be your ideal choice thank to its flourished economic strata and all kinds of luxuries that one would expect from a developed nation. If you were wondering only about the exotic tropical islands, there 3 extremely beautiful islands in Singapore that you could choose for your holiday destination. You can book a travel package on any of these islands at exclusively discounts using these Klook Vouchers for your travel bookings online. So let us sneak into the 3 exotic islands of Singapore that deserve to be seen by you.

Pulau Ubin

1It is a very popular island amongst the locals as well as the tourists coming from different parts of the world. This island is seen as Singapore of the 1960’s when Singapore had not been economically as capable as it is now. You can find the traditional houses which were developed by the local people in the previous times. The rocky and edgy seashores provide a perfect platform to enjoy the tidal waves. The interiors of the island consist of a wetland reserve that offers a great experience for trekking and mountain cycling with a well-marked biking trail for making things easier even for the amateurs. You can reach this island through a boat service which runs throughout the day from morning to evening.


SentosaThis is one of the most popular places in Singapore and is one of the most recognizable places because anybody who has been through the brochures on Singapore tours could probably have seen the picture of Sentosa islands. Being popular means getting more and more crowded which is exactly the case with Sentosa. The island is jam-packed by tourists and add to it the locals who would also visit the island in big numbers. This island has many popular places including the SEA Aquarium and Universal Studios. It is really tricky to visit all the places in the span of a day. The place is a hub of cafes and bars which are some of the best ones in Asia. You have to buy an Island pass in order to visit the Sentosa Islands.

St. John’s Island

St John'sThis is not as much popular for tourism as the other two but it is certainly a great escape for those who do not want to get into the crowded and jammed beaches but rather prefers a tranquil destination. The island used to be a quarantine station in the past but it has now been evolved into a wonderful island with cosy beaches. The fact that it is lesser focused upon by the tourism industry has been a blessing in disguise as it gives a completely refreshing experience for those who seek an island escape for wholesome replenishment and a peaceful stay to soothe the mind out of stressful and hectic life. This is a great destination for those who love fishing and it is recommended that you keep a fishing rod along with you while visiting this island.


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