2 Key Reasons That Make Australia Completely Unique

Australia is a very popular tourist destination which is known for so many distinctive features and aspects that attract people from all over the world to visit this place. The Australian Mainland is full of extraordinary features which are not found elsewhere. The facts about Australia are so intriguing that most people from all spheres find it exhilarating. Australia has the longest sea-coasts which cover more than 26000 kilometres. It is the Largest Island on the planet and has been given a separate status of being a continent along with few of its adjoining territories in Oceania.

But when you go down the realms of history, you would find many such things that created an unprecedented difference between the Australian landscape and the rest of the world. These are basically the links which connect our earth’s geographic aspects on whole and provide a solid basis of convenient scientific evidence that led to the creation of the concepts of evolution. If you have not visited Australia yet, it is the time you should pack your bags and go out an adventure land that you never knew existed. For your better, here are some Expedia Promo Codes which will avail exclusive deals and offers on your online travel bookings and save you a plenty of money that you can spend later during the trip.

Here are 2 key aspects about Australia that make it quite different from the usual world that we see around us.

Isolation of Australia

australian desertIf you were a good student of geography, you must have known certain geological aspects about the creation of Australia and South East Asia in general. These places were the part of the first major tectonic division that has happened on the primitive earth well before the complex life had evolved on the planet. This isolation is vital from the geographic point of view and has given Australia, a largely unique landscape that is not found elsewhere on the planet. Australia is a large Island but still, it is not completely inhabitable for the human being and therefore, most of the population is still situated near the seashore regions of the island leaving a large piece of land in the middle which is untouched by the human presence till date.

Divergent Evolution of Living Being


Being away from the rest of the world, Australia had not been following the same path of Evolution of life. This has been evident from a large number of indigenous species that have developed on the Australian landscape and have been not seen in any other part of the world. Not just the Animals, but also the plants of Australia have been slightly different in the way they have evolved. The evolution of Kangaroo is the prime example of one such evolution. Kangaroo is part of the Rodentia family which consists of rabbits and rodents. There are no such rodent species in the world that have shown such a terrific growth and large size in the rest of the world which Kangaroo has shown and this inevitably marks the fact that the evolution of Australian wildlife was divergent from the rest of the world which is also known as the Tasmanian effect in the biological world.

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