3 Sensational Luxury Resorts to Stay in Australia for Holiday Trips

Australia is a lot different when compared to the rest of the world. It has a huge land mass but only certain parts of it are inhabitable while most of the central region is a barren desert with almost no human settlements around. The better part of it is that the areas which have been inhibited by Humans are marvellous. The place has an array of places to keep the adventure seekers on their toes.

You can experience one of the most memorable stays while travelling as luxury resorts in Australia are simply rated amongst the best in the world. The winter in Europe and North America is the best time for travelling to Australia as it gives a warm luxurious trip. Remember, Australia is in the southern hemisphere and when people of the northern hemisphere are freezing in the cold winter season, Australia has a warm summer. Book a luxury resort, get out on some adventures and enjoy few of the best days of your life that you would remember for life.

For choosing a resort, you have a plenty of choices. There are many resorts that offer good accommodation facilities for varied budgets. But if your concern is luxury and not the budget, I would recommend the following 3 sensational luxury resorts which are as good as a resort can ever be.

Lizard Island Resort – Queensland

Lizard Island ResortThis resort is not the part of the mainland and it is on a unique island that lies in the Great Barrier Reef. The island is separated from the mainland provides a private stay with complete seclusion from the rest of the world. This makes it an ideal choice for the couple to spend quality time with their loved ones. The resort serves some excellent dishes which will surely tempt your taste buds. The room prices include these meals in the package. The resort offers a chartered plane service to provide an amazing aerial view of the Reef. Being an island, it is obviously a great place for surfers and sea divers to relish their passion. There is a dive shop which provides all the essential gears that you would need for the dive.

Southern Ocean Lodge – Kangaroo Island

Ocean LodgeSouthern Ocean Lodge is one of the most favourite resorts of the Queensland region. The resort is situated on the Kangaroo Island which lies in the Hanson Bay. The unique location of the Island over an isolated cliff along the furrowed coastline makes it an amazing place to stay at. There’s a very extraordinary view of the exquisite wilderness on offer that pleases the eyes. For food, there is a restaurant which offers delightful dishes that would be relished by your taste buds for sure. The best part of the restaurant is that it changes its menu every day so get to taste varied dishes with distinct local ingredients.  The resort has 21 suites which are in such a marvellous setting that any person would just love to be there for life.

McMillans of Metung Resort – Victoria

Metung ResortThis one is an expensive resort located in Gippsland. Metung Resort offers a very beautiful view of water up front and the overall setting of a village makes it a very natural place to stay. This resort is basically a family oriented and expands in an area of around six acres. The resort has carved out a special playground for the kids and has a special game room too. With the pleasant view of Bancroft Bay and a big area, this one is a very favourable place for a destination wedding. The resort offers cottages and villas for accommodation rather than rooms which aren’t something that you would often witness in a resort.

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