3 Best Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In England!

Are you planning to go for a getaway near your area and want to enjoy the most? Or are your looking to book a vacation to the United Kingdom? Well, if you are really planning a good vacation at top places in the UK then here this guide will surely help you find best places to travel.

So, no matter which type of places you are planning ahead on your vacation, you will surely want to book a place where you can enjoy the most. So, whether you’re off for a romantic vacation, family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, look here few numbers of places that will surely help you get at your favorite destination.

Before we go ahead with few of the best places in the UK, you should know that England is a busy country to get along. You may find people running down to street and do not the time to talk to another person. The country is well-connected with buses and trains, thereby you can easily drive at your favorite destination.

Here are few of the best places in Englands where you can enjoy your holiday.

Tower of London


The tower of London has some of the exciting places where you can enjoy some of the best time. Here you can find some of the best places and spots like a prison, palace, observatory, treasure vault, and menagerie. The Tower of London has done it all, it has some of the widely the most important building in England, where you can easily see the World Heritage Site to keep visitors busy for hours. The centerpiece is quite White Tower.

British Museum


Do not forget to visit the British Museum. It is quite an enchanting place that offers all the best collections of antiquities that are among one of the world’s finest collection. The British Museum holds about more than 13 million artifacts that came from Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, China, and Europe. One of the most famous ancient artifacts are the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens and the Rosetta Stone, also there are some more outstanding pieces that show on here. The Ancient Egyptian offers a great collection of the things and the top one being the largest outside of Cairo and the hoard of Roman silver dating. These places are very ancient from the fourth century known as the Mildenhall Treasure.



Stonehenge is about 10 miles north of Salisbury that offers great things around. You will witness Europe’s best-known prehistoric monument and see the visitors and tourists coming up that need to purchase a timed ticket in advance to guarantee entry. The exhibitions at the Stoneage is also very flattering that set the stage for a visit. You will get a great opportunity to experience through audio-visual experiences and view about more than 250 ancient objects that are erected and telling about life and people lived here.

So, finding some of the great places in England is not a tough job, you can easily book from among these countless places. Also, to make your travel journey assured and comfortable, book your flight and hotels tickets through Expedia and enjoy some special voucher codes and coupon codes.

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