What Could Be The Best Way To Spend Your Summer Vacations?


Summers are already here and planning a perfect vacation must be made right before that. You must have traveled to various destinations but, this time secure your holidays with the various range of cottages. This season’s travel plan will actually be exciting because you will be discovering the best and the most astounding journey.

This journey will be a blend of serenity, wilderness, excitement and every other thing. Leave those luxury cottages, mesmerize your stay with the pure and true essence of serenity.

Whenever you travel always keep in mind that, a fixed amount of budget is never going to satisfy your travel thus, what if you save during the bookings, and spend it on your travel, in and around the city?

This might sound impossible but, it’s really possible and you can easily do the same by visiting the online travel portals which provide you a proper stay with all sorts of deals and offer that will help you save a huge amount. This time get ready to experience the tranquility around nature and let your vacation be inexplicable.

The Hen House

Hoopla Holidays

This is an amazing cottage that lies around the village of Shipton Moyne, which is a stunning and yet a quaint spot. The village is a very serene place, that has a huge traffic which passes through this amazing rural setting.

The Features

  • Very Peaceful and quiet ambiance.
  • Safe and attractive for the families.
  • The cottage is located just off what’s called ‘The Street’ which is the High Street and only street in the village.

The Smithy Broadwell Cottage


Do you like the traditional form of a cottage? If yes, this cottage is definitely for you. Because the cottage is designed in a traditional kind of way.

What are the attractive features?

  • The village is a peaceful place and perhaps is the best known for the greenery, that surrounds the village.
  • The dreamy scene can easily be witnessed here because the place is so tempting that you cannot control the aura of the same.

Harry’s Barn


This is set in the deep Cotswold territory, which is surrounded by the hills and has a location with the perfect picnic spot for the kids. At this cottage or at this destination you will cherish your glorious summer days all throughout.

Want To Know More About The Features?

  • If you have been fantasizing about the adventures, during the time of your travel then, you can enjoy the same. As well as you can enjoy various other fun sports like table tennis, football etc.
  • There will be no problem associated with the food because you can grab the food easily through the chef. Yes, you will get the local chef who will cook for you whatever you want.

Aren’t you on the lookout for grabbing such homely feels in the cottages or in the astounding places. So, it’s time to book your travel and enjoy the complete holiday with extra delight and a tinge of excitement, with great deals and offers!

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