Explore The Mesmerizing Serenity Of The United Kingdom With HooplaHolidays!

Travel! As it will let you explore new and exciting places, people, food, and culture. There are thousands of beautiful and amazing places to visit in the world. Among many travel destination, UK is the only country that has got a lot to offer to its travelers, explorers, and visitors.

From lively beaches to scenic countryside, from historic monuments to larger than life shopping hubs, this place has something for travelers of all ages.


HooplaHolidays is the leading name that helps you to know more about popular travel destinations of the world. It helps you find out what are best places to visit in the UK and also let you know widely popular hotels to choose.

Cornwall! A Study In Contrasts!


Quaint and Charming yet isolated and rugged, Cornwall is nestled in the westernmost region of the UK. It is an extremely beautiful and widely-visited peninsula known for offering stunning views of rocky cliffs and golden sandy beaches to its visitors. Surfing is the big draw For visitors of all ages over here.

Where To Stay In Cornwall?

Watergate Bay


One of the best luxury hotels in Cornwall, Watergate Bay is known for its excellent services and state-of-the-art hotel facilities. The hotel offers beautifully designed modern-amenities equipped, spacious rooms for its guests.

Cotswolds! For Capturing Breathtaking Photographs Of Nature!


An ultimate place for those who wish to capture nature’s beauty in the DSLRs, Cotswold is yet another wonderful place to visit. Covering around 1287 sq. km. of pristine countryside, Cotswold is considered as the United Kingdom’s most photographed corner. Characterised by the lively galleries, gentle dynamism and vibrant festival, this beautiful countryside, Cotswolds attracts a huge flock of visitors each year.

Where To Stay In Cotswolds?

Barnsley House


A gracious manor house of 17th century, Barnsley House is widely popular and chosen accommodation option over here. With its gables, mullion windows and golden stones, Barnsley House offers beautifully designed, creamy furnishing rooms enhancing the engaging artworks.



Cream teas, craggy coves, strolls and surf breaks, pub gardens pints, and picnics, Devon holidays are simple scenic and wholesome. Offering a perfect mix of life’s two loveliest pleasure – great outdoors and good food, Devon is will leave you mesmerized with its splendid beauty.

Where To Stay In Devon?

Red Lion, Clovelly


Nestled in an absolutely delightful area, Red Lion is the leading name when it comes to booking luxury accommodation in Devon. The hotel is known for offering a total of nine daintily countrified guest rooms to its customers where they can hear the sound of lapping waves.


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