Sykes Cottages – Halfpenny Cottage, Harrowbarrow, Cornwall

Consider this. You have been working hard round the year leaving family early in the morning and coming late in the night with a desire to spend some quality time with your family comes the summer vacation. Right at the beginning of the June, when you start looking for the self-catering cottage in Devon, Cornwell, Cotswolds or in Norfolk and you are told by the owners that they are full until September. For a second you feel like kicking your own self. No?sc_13714673550541_20763_01

Summers; for the Britishers, have always remained traditionally special. For the first, it comes with a respite from work for a time being and allows you an opportunity to spend time with the family and friends. Moreover, it takes you to the heartland of the UK in the natural locations to get rid of urban heat and to inhale the fresh air.sc_13717408893386_20763_04

Imagining the last minute disappointment for suave holidaymakers like you CollectOffers joins the hands with the Sykes Cottages and brings you a fascinating self-catering holiday home right in the heart of Cornwall in the village of Harrowbarrow. Halfpenny Cottage offers you to live in the lap of nature as purely as possible as this highly sophisticated holiday home is situated near the river Tamar in the Tamar Valley.sc_13717408968475_20763_06

Halfpenny Cottage isn’t just a location, get inside to feel the warmth and welcoming embrace in which you have your most joyous summer days this year. You reach to the Halfpenny Cottage with an anticipation that you will be surrounded by the outstanding natural beauty. Halfpenny Cottage knows no disappointment.sc_13717409012987_20763_07

Ideal for a family holiday away from the crowds, immaculate cottage in Harrowbarrow, which is situated next to the owner’s house has extensive sloping lawned gardens with wonderful far reaching views. You will be stunned by the views your balcony brings which is opened by an open plan living area with French doors.sc_13724082883366_20763_12

There are three lovely bedrooms at this well-furnished Harrowbarrow cottage. Two of the three bedrooms are available on the ground floor each equipped with the king size bed, wardrobe, bedside tables, and chest. Each room has shower rooms equipped with separate shower, basin, and WC.sc_13717409106687_20763_09

This Harrowbarrow cottage has its own private garden below which is a secluded wooded area where ball games and badminton can be played and where children can let off steam. Alternatively, both children and adults will enjoy the outdoor solar heated swimming pool or unwind in the covered seating area with a cold drink.sc_1371467357782_20763_02

For those needing a quiet moment, the lovely wildlife area offers a tranquil setting for relaxing and bird watching. Close by is the Tamar Trails park, which is set in a woodland area above the River Tamar and provides cycle ways, walks and tree-surfing.sc_1371740893532_20763_05

If you are looking up to exploring the Cornwell and Devon in one single holiday, this is your opportunity at Halfpenny Cottage. A few minutes’ drive from this Harrowbarrow cottage is Cotehele, a beautiful National Trust property with gardens, riverside walks, and cafés, or visit Morwhellam Quay to explore the area’s mining heritage.sc_13717409201417_20763_11

CollectOffers does not provide you an opportunity to think twice about this Sykes Cottages property offering flat 19% discount on online cottage booking. You deserve your family being with you and they deserve the most exciting summer holidays this year. It’s simple, visit collectoffers, secure 19% discount and visit a fascinating holiday experience of your life in Cornwell this summer.

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